“I am tired of babying men” was my colleague’s response, when I shared with her about my work with the Genius for Men Honors. She had heard that I produce an event that tributes men of color who create community between men and women, are high achievers, and transcend barriers within their professions. We redefine genius by highlighting the thoughtfulness and responsiveness of men in our communities. Yet, she was passionate about the fact that young women of color remain overly neglected in female high achievement programs. As a professional caregiver, she works with victims of men’s domestic abuse. She was concerned that I was falling out of solidarity with women who have been overlooked because of our need to please men without any critical engagement.

It is precisely the abuse of and discrimination against women that compels me to do my work with Genius for Men. After I experienced discrimination from some male colleagues and mentors, please click here to read more at theGenerationalEffect.com

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