“We re-define models of GENIUS by exposing young people to heroes who think and live big.”


On October 29, 2011, Hundreds of young professionals and leaders between the ages of 18 – 35 and deserving high school students are expected to attend this event that addresses the issues that men face, receive wealth building training and civic mobilization by decision makers, innovators and community organizers. The Genius For Men Conference is a signature program of the non-profit InSight Initiative, Inc. an organization that enlarges your capacity to do all things well. GFM is a men’s empowerment conference that celebrates, in solidarity with women, male achievement, brotherhood to men & women, and well roundedness beyond one’s profession.

The conference organizers explain that The 2011 Genius For Men theme “The Real Empire State of Mind: Building Wealth and Legacy” celebrates the fact that the measure of a man is the financial, intellectual and social inheritance that he leaves for his children’s children.


After 10 years of experience as an event and conference planner for education institutions such as Oberlin College and Yale University, Alisha has convened the award winning Genius For Men™ Conference (GFM)GFM is a men’s empowerment conference that celebrates, in solidarity with women, male achievement, brotherhood to men & women, and well roundedness beyond one’s profession. Co-Executive Producers, Alisha and Angela Jones are a genius experts, who identify thought-full and responsive men in our community. Ultimately, these sisters seek to normalize images of male achievement for those who yearn to see different interactions.

Past honorees have included neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, composer Richard Smallwood, motivational speaker Willy Jolley, jazz and classical musician Tony Walker who is the music director for Ledisi, Chick-Fil-A, businessman and philanthropist Michael Melton, The Institute for Responsible Citizenship, Rev. Tony Lee of Community of Hope AME and Radio One Personality, photographer Bill Lee,  the 100 Black Men of Greater Washington, DC, Daniel Moore of the Mo’nique Show, Brandon Camphor and One Way, Mentoring Male Teens in the Hood, Elder Jimmy Grant, and Good Ground Good Life.


GENIUS FOR MEN is convened by Alisha Jones and Angela Jones, two sisters who have experienced first hand the positive impact men have on personal development. Co-Executive Producer, Alisha Jones, admits that “After a snowball of events almost 4 years ago, it was the looming terror of death on Chicago’s streets, as I walked to and fro to class at the University of Chicago, after a fellow Black male doctoral student was killed that compelled me to get on my knees and say that I must do something. I can’t wait to finish my education to respond and I can’t wait for my finances to be perfect to invest. There was terror around me and the only answer I received from God was to appeal to our young people’s highest and best self. Today, when I look at the lackluster numbers pouring out from our public school systems and the disparity between Black men in prison v. college, we are still in a state of distress. Genius For Men is an initiative to re-teach our young people their loveliness through word and touch.”


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