“Where are all the good men?” Yes, I have asked this question… And my sister-girls have asked the same question, as we chatted during our ritual Saturday morning brunch. Yet, the longing for good men struck me the most, during a fleeting exchange in graduate school. I spoke with a promising male colleague who could not identify an accomplished, stylish, and charismatic man that he wanted to emulate who exemplified integrity in public and private. Perhaps, it should not have been peculiar that we were discussing the absence of good men in a divinity school but I deeply disagreed with him and fought to disprove that there were few good and influential men.

I ask the question “Where are all the good men?” not because I do not know of any good men. Actually, when that gentleman talked to me about his desire to know men who shared exemplary interests, commitments, and reputations, I could readily name guys that I knew locally and scattered throughout America, who I have witnessed demonstrate courage publicly and privately. I flipped through my list of contacts and gathered them to pass on to my colleague. Then I began to think about my sisters who had so much in common with these men too. At that moment, I realized that the problem is these are not popular images and are not celebrated as a part of our culture. Both my male and female friends could benefit from positive interactions with men who have achieved family oriented and well-exposed lifestyles, like  President Barack Obama. Since then, I have sought, found and would like to share the answer to that question.

I am convinced that we can find good men and good women, wherever good things are being imagined and created. For this reason, I have envisioned an exploration of and training by men who are able to do things exceptionally well at the Genius For Men Conference (GFM). On October 29, 2011, we look forward to sharing with you our rich network of men who are hitting the mark in their lives. Don’t meet us there, beat us there.

About The Author:

Alisha Lola Jones is a Highest and Best Life Strategist, who is the founder of the InSight Initiative, Inc, and the Co-Executive Producer of the Genius For Men Conference.



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