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Mission Statement

InSight Initiative, Inc. is a firm that consults and produces arts-based, empowerment events with a focus on sustainable and enduring programming for underserved, high minority, & low income communities. We are youth leaders ages 18-34 providing answers to the most pressing questions in urban American. We nurture the intellectual artist and the artistic intellectual. We are a forum where leading artists, activists, thought-leaders, decision makers, and citizens can gain InSight from the resources of other citizens, in order to craft innovative multi-media for the uplift of our communities. As engaged young leaders, we provide the relevant content in conscious media.

Vision Statement

At its core, the InSight Initiative not only thinks critically about and responds to multi-media but is uniquely proactive in establishing original and enduring work.

About the Founder


alisha about About

Social Entrepreneur | Theological Thought-Leader |

Author | Engaged Ethnomusicologist |

Highest and Best Life Strategist ™

Enlarging your capacity to do all things well.


Named “Top 30, under 30″ by DC’s 93.9 WKYS FM and “Living Legend” by the LadyDiva Corp., Chicagoan Alisha Lola Jones, is a voice charming the nation in message and music, as she re-teaches our communities their loveliness. A social entrepreneur, theological thought-leader, speaker, engaged ethnomusicologist and Highest & Best Life Strategist™, she innovatively enlarges your capacity to do all things well. With both head and heart, her multiple interests have coalesced into the establishment of InSight Initiative, Inc ™ to primarily answer inter-cultural questions through the InSights found in faith, art, social justice and direct action. For more information about the services that Alisha Jones offers please click here.


The principal purpose of the InSight Initiative is six-fold:

1. To answer inter-cultural questions through the insights found in faith, art, social justice and direct action.

2. To offer inter-disciplinary responses to inaccurate, harmful, and negative messages that are disseminated through multi-media outlets.

3. To be a premiere clearinghouse that trains citizens, intellectuals, artists and social activists for professional enrichment and inter-disciplinary collaboration.

4. To encourage inter-generational mentorship and partnership that supports civic engagement.

5. To produce educational materials and events based upon holistic concepts.

6. To showcase emerging community resources, intellectual and artistic works.

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