Headshot 2011 206x300 Genius for Men Testimonial from Elijah Heyward III, Institute for Responsible Citizenship

“It is unfortunate that the perception of African American male achievement is often negative. Many great examples of positive role models in the African American community exist, however they are not honored as diligently as their selfless efforts. I am thankful for platforms such as the Insight Initiative’s Genius for Men Conference, which aims to educate, empower, and enlighten. I have been a proud supporter of the event since its inception, and every year I walk away inspired with renewed hope.

Possibility is made tangible through the communal bearing of witness to success. This “witness” gives us the will and encouragement to pursue our goals. The initiative serves an important role in convening a community of support for the next generation. I am excited to see it continue to grow and inspire.”

Elijah Heyward III
Youth Scholar Academy
Institute for Responsible Citizenship

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