Check out this interview with Genius for Men Founder, Alisha Lola Jones about why Genius for Men was started.

Dear Friends of Genius for Men,

Genius for Men is a project near and dear to my heart because I became frustrated about the narratives that say that black women are overly educated and that black men are overly incarcerated. I was tired of media coverage on men that praised their physical attributes but not their thoughtfulness and conscious inclusion of us in their work. I KNOW AMAZING BROTHERS WHO HAVE HELD MY SISTERS AND I DOWN. This is my way of modeling the sort of hospitality, research, and curiosity that we desire from men. Each year I receive emails and letters from men and women who confess that they began to see each other differently, after this event. Though I may be a graduate student, with student resources, I submit this work as a prayer for the fathers, brothers, sons and friends who should have positive models of men who know how to be there for, with, and beside us.

Genius for Men Conference and Honors (GFM) identifies men who foster community between men and women, are high achievers, and transcend barriers professionally. We have requests to make video tapes of our event for co-ed models of leadership in male rites of passage, mentorship, and athletic programs to encourage well-roundedness.

Join us and MAKE A DONATION to GENIUS FOR MEN’s Campaign to expose DC BOYS & GIRLS CLUB youth to men who are meeting the mark.

Of course, I would also love to see you all there!

Thank you all for your kind consideration and contributions. Together we can do anything!

Alisha Lola Jones

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